Country Music

6359763556019586511937771127_country-musicOften times, when country music is thought about, what comes to mind are songs that are sad about  things like runaway dogs, trucks that are broken down, and lost loves. These hard times being sung in a twangy, traditional country accent in the minds of people. These ideas about country music are no where near where this kind of music is today, though. These days, country music is a very popular type of music, only topped in popularity by the genres of rock and pop.

Country music has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years since its creation in the nineteenth century. There are a lot of sub-genres to country music now, with many of them often being played on the big radio stations.

The best way to truly understand country music is to understand the instruments used. One of the most common country music instruments is the fiddle or violin. When country music first came on the scene, pretty much the only accompanying instrument was the fiddle. As the style of country music became more popular, though, more instruments were added. Some of the country music in the mid 1800’s used the banjo. In the early 1900’s, the guitar began being used in country music. Much later in the 1900’s, the electric guitar found itself as a common country music instrument. Other instruments used in country music include the piano, which was introduced in the 1930’s, and the drums, introduced in the 1960’s. Some of the other distinctive instruments of country music, though rarely used, are the washboards, harmonica, and accordion.

The roots of country music come from many different music styles. When the settlers came from Europe, they brought their music. Songs were created by them in order to share their history throughout the generations since many of the settlers were unable to read. This is where the idea of country ballads came from, sharing about events in the lives of the people.

These days, country music sounds a lot more like some of the other genres like rock and pop. There are several country musicians that have their songs played on non-country stations, such as Shania Twain. There are other artists that are not considered country artists, like Sheryl Crow, that have song on country music stations. It’s all about the sound of the music and the tale it tells.