The International Language of Music

Let me challenge you to find a country anywhere that doesn’t have some form of music. Anywhere in the world. You can go to the people of South Asia or to the jungles of Africa and, no matter where you go, they will have some type of music. Even the most remote of people will make music of some kind. People love music.  It is in our nature.

the-language-of-musicThere is a quality about music that speaks to the core of our humanity. Even newborn babies respond to the melody of its mother humming. Music is the language of the soul and is spoken by everyone on earth.

There are many different reasons that music is loved by all. It makes us move. Just hearing the beat of a drum causes all ages of people to get on their feet and move their body. When a sound is good, we have the need to respond by dancing, moving, or just clapping. Music helps us when we are working, too. Whether you work in a doctor’s office or with Minneapolis window washing, music can help keep the stress of your job at bay and make you more productive.

All around the world, people love music. We feel the beauty of it all the way down to our soul. We are not able to fully understand why music sounds so wonderful to us, but everyone everywhere loves music.

Another wonderful thing about music is its diversity. Some prefer rock n’ roll while others love classical music. Some like music with complicated notes, while others like a simple melody. What one person finds beautiful in music, another person may not, and that’s a great thing.

People connect music to different events in their lives. It brings back memories of those times every time we hear the music. You likely remember the song that was playing when you kissed your first love, or the song played at your wedding still brings back memories of that day. We are able to remember entire periods of our lives based on the music that we listened to then. What is known as “oldies” brings back memories of youthful days to parents many times.

No matter where you live, from Alabama to Africa, music is a part of the culture that stands out. We use it to help define people and cultures. There are some styles we enjoy, and some we don’t, but we can all agree that music is an important part of life. Our world would likely be a very different place without it.