For the Love of Vinyl Records

vinyl-record-playerAs music downloads continue to soar, the music industry is changing in a whole new way. Die hard lovers of music are moving to the past and turning their attention to vinyl records.

For many music lovers, collecting vinyls is a fun hobby that takes them back to their youth. For others, it has become almost an addiction as they surf the web, rummage through garage sales, go to record conventions, and run to second rate shops to find that perfect vinyl to add to their collection.

Many collectors, if asked why they collect records, will say that the sound produced by vinyl records is superior to any other type of music. They are quite tired of the sterile reproduced music that they get with a CD or an online download. You will often hear them comment that there is a warmer sound with vinyl, that it’s a love affair almost, and creates a pattern that is ritualistic when playing a record.

There is another way to describe the vinyl record sound, though, that I think fits well. To me, a vinyl record of music is a lot like a fingerprint. The music being played from vinyl has a clarity and clearness to the music, almost like the grooves on the records have captured the sound. When digital music is copied from the fingerprint, it produces more of a binary sound and loses that special flavor of the vinyl record.

Many people believe that the CD has been able to replace the vinyl records for the quality of warm sound, but I disagree. Yes, the CD has it’s place in society because of the convenience it offers as well as the cost and ease of use, but the sound is too clear for my taste. When listening to a CD, you miss some of the important parts of the sound that was recorded, the sounds that the recording artist wanted you to hear on the recording.

In this world that is mostly digitized, there are good arguments for any form of music reproduction that a person wants to use. For me, vinyl records will always be a part of my life, though.